Hey guys, i've seen some people posting problems about this game. I got a rip which was highly compressed (like 500mb - 2 rar files) and gave me just a black screen.
So I got another rip which was a full 4.37GB (in 80 parts or something like that) which worked. So if anyone out there is getting just a black screen, you may have the 'bad ripped' version. Sorry i know this is not really a fix, but I think the only way to get the game running is having the proper image.
Now then just incase you do thing differently i'm going to post the steps I did to get the game working:

1. Extract the .rar (which all total up to 4.3gb) file to get the iso (duh).
2. Use wiibrick blocker 1.32R2 to remove the update (patching the iso).
3. Use WBFS manager to add iso to USB hard drive/USB stick
4. Use CFG USB Loader to load the game. No special fixes are needed (like region fix is not required. If you get problems though then you can experiment)

Note: Now then when you see the wii safety screen come on in japanese writing you will get really happy, because it looks alot better than a black screen . Then after pressing A you might get a black screen with japanese writing on it O.O. Don't get upset, it does not say 'your wii has been bricked' or 'you cannot play this game because you have to be japanese'. Just plug in your nunchuck and get the shock of your life . H ave fun.

PS: Sorry i know this isn't really a fix, and may not qualify as a tutorial, but I can't find anywhere else suitable to post it.