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Thread: Media Players.. why so plain jane?

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    Question Media Players.. why so plain jane?

    i have been useing my Wii as a media player for some time now using mplayer ce and love it, but it sure is no replacement for my myth box, and that got me thinking about how mythvideo collects the "box art" ( MythVideo - MythTV ) and wonding if a media player could be coded (im far from a coder, hence the silly "?") like the usb loader using the Metadata Lookup (open source?)? we already have working media players, so is there a issue in advancement of the cosmetics/form for the media side, or just no interest due to no HD maybe ?
    maybe its just me , but i think the Wii with a nice media GUI would top off a great lil machine ...

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    Ditto! I agree.

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    There's some redesign work on mPlayer CE over at their website...
    NewGUI - mplayer-ce - New GUI - Project Hosting on Google Code

    There's also a new skin beeing developed for Geexbox that just might make it's way over to the Wii...

    Looks rather sweet to me

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    did you notice in the mplayer ce GUI
    Features that will NOT be in the first release (and possibly not in subsequent releases either):

    * Audio visualizations
    * Searching
    * Translations
    * Thumbnails, previews, descriptions, box art, etc
    * Skinning
    * Controller mapping
    to me a "media center" without box art and search is just a file holder, and a pain to navigate 100's of gigs of media ,atleast thats what the family tells me

    Enna looks nice, but i really dont think a Wii port will happen ...


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