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Thread: Brand new Wii 4.2U & Drivekey (with NSMB)

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    Us Brand new Wii 4.2U & Drivekey (with NSMB)

    Hello everybody, hope you guys can help.

    Just got a brand new Wii with serial number (LU734xxxxx).

    I had a old wii that I hacked with Drivekey, and it worked with all the backups I had until my place got robbed. (they took my Wii, PS3, PSP, Computer, HDTV and my lifes savings of titles.... bastards!!!)

    Anyway, since I hacked my Wii with Drivekey last time, with no doubt, I ordered it again... without reading the fine lines saying that it won't work on D3-2 drive (though, even if I did, at that time I wouldn't have understood it...)

    So... here's my real question, is my Drivekey nothing but garbage for my Wii? Can't I do anything with it? Will my $44.45+tax+shipping go bye-bye?

    If my Drivekey can't do anything for me, is it possible to softmod my new new Wii? I read a lot of posts softmoding at Wii that was UPGRADED to 4.2 but mine came with 4.2, so was just wanted to make sure before I buy a USB HDDs.

    If so, which softmod is recommendable?

    Thank you guys for even reading my stuff.

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    Yes the modchip will do nothing to help on this wii as nothing will allow you to use backups from disk. the easiest solution is to softmod and use an external hardrive to play your games. If you don't have one you can use a flash drive or sd card for the short term.

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