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Thread: Error #002

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    Error #002

    Im using USB Loader GX and with any new type game aka Band Hero, Wii Fit Plus, Mario and Sonic Winter Games.... its giving me error 002... how do i fix this please

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    when youou choose the game in usb loader gx, there will be a button that says settings, click that button, will come up with a list. one of the options is error 002 fix, change that to yes, save, go back and play game then. Should come up without a problem

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    make sure you have the newest usb loader gx. there is an error 002 fix

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    where can i get the newest verision post #3 and post #2 iv tried that and it will bring me to a black screen

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    Here but if you're getting a black screen...

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    I sinstalled it but all its showing is the background for the applications no text and no buttons...

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    You doing this as a wad install (channel) or HBC/app (boot.dol; yes, you have to rename the dol file to this)?

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    it was already called boot.dol but anyways i think i have it right there is an animated loading now instead of the box block letter loading but the game is still not working

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    You did see the settings for 002 error right? OFF, ON, Anti. Experiment... and save as default each time til one pops right.

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    when i installed that version of usb loader gx it wouldn't play any game for me anymore... not even my old ones like mario kart and such so i didn't even get that far

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