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Thread: Need help please do not ignore!!!

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    Question Need help please do not ignore!!!

    I need help with my Wii system.
    Here is my problem:
    I have recently installed the preloader and ran into a problem that my Wii system won't boot.
    I have a system menu version 4.2u with homebrew channel installed, gcbackup launcher and neogamma.

    I can't get past the boot screen and keeps saying System files have been corrupted.

    What do I do?


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    Just follow this guide
    Preloader/Priiloader Brick Fix
    Ipsa scientia potestas est.

    Warning: Piracy is NOT supported. Word your questions carefully.

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    Smile Thank you!!

    I figured it out a little bit differently then the guide that you provided me. I will however keep that guide just in case it happens again.



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