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Thread: whats a fair asking price for drive key v2?

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    Us whats a fair asking price for drive key v2?

    I ordered one, but then realized my Wii is probably too new for it. Its being shipped from Australia to me in the US.

    It would be unopened and include the Y screwdriver.

    I'm not sure when it will arrive, maybe a week or two.

    I decided to go with the Wode and have already preordered one.

    What is a fair price to ask? I think I paid around US$50.

    I would be willing to trade for an older model pcb board for my drive so I can use the Wode in flat mode if I ever see the need. Also I need a demonoid invite, if anyone wants to sweeten the deal Not really for Wii iso's, but more for other stuff. Is that a fair trade or can I get the older drive board for cheaper than what I spent?

    Not trying to rip anyone off, but give someone a little deal from my mistake and not get raped at the same time.

    thanks for any suggestions

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    whatever, I didn't ask you to use my post to sell your 'friends' chips, I'm looking for a fair asking price. And $18 is way below what they sell for.

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    sorry for doing that
    i have delected it
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