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Thread: Trouble downgrading from cIOS38 rev15

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    Trouble downgrading from cIOS38 rev15

    Hi, I'm looking to get an advise from the more experienced people here on how to downgrade the cIOS38 rev15 i stupidly installed. I upgraded to IOS38 rev15 earlier and now i cannot find a way to replace it with the older cIOS rev14. Every time i try to install a custom IOS i get an error message.
    I tried runnung the TBR method but i get an error as well. Like on the pic below.

    I then tried the AnyTitle Deleter DB ver.1.0 v3 by toma but this doesn't work either. Iget an error as in the pic below:

    Is there another way i can use to get rid of rev15 so i can go ahead and install cIOS rev14?
    Thanks for all the help

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    Just put the Rev 14 installer into your /apps folder (make sure it's boot.dol) and run it. You do not have to repeat the other downgrading you attempted (if this is on a 3.1-4.1 machine this means no need for Steps 3A-C). AnyTitleDeleter would be for IOS249 - I cannot tell from the pic above if you were trying 249 or IOS 36. Remember: never delete an IOS below 200. Redo Step 3D and you'll be fine.

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    Hi I'm gerring this error(on the second pic) as soon as i try to run AnyTitleDeleter. Hmmm, this is really strange, I was trying to run the rev14 installer i was getting an error. Now however it seems like it installed. Thanks for the quick responce


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