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Thread: D2pro9 install help

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    D2pro9 install help

    OK I ordered a D2pro9 and wiiClip I got it installed but am not able to read any burned disks. Using verbatim at 2X. Console will read and play originals,get the can't read disk with burned. Tried a couple ISOs and the 1.5 utility disk same thing.

    So I opened it back up and applied power and I get a quick red, then a quick blue. I believe it then goes red blue red then all off.

    I have read that I should be able to darn near lift the drive with the clip installed, but that is not the case, I barley touch the clip and it pops off. I have put almost all me strength into it (6'6" 260lbs) and I am worried about cracking something.

    How can I tell if the chip is in fact working?

    I have a DMS and the CLK is shorted. This chip was ordered late June. Do I need to do an update of some sorts?

    Thanks in advance

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    Thread can be closed. It turned out to be and id10t error. I am really embarrassed to say that I dont play the wii that much doing the more for the kids and wife.

    Soooooooooo..... I was putting the disks in upside down. I would have thought it would have spit it back out.

    OFW! live and learn....

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    d2pro : Home just released the alternative 2.1 firmware update today for the d2c users who are having problems with the d2pro! The wait is finally over!


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