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Thread: Wii no longer recognizes USB HDD

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    Wii no longer recognizes USB HDD

    I'm facing a bit of a strange problem. I found this forum a few weeks ago and have since successfully softmodded my own wii and that of a friend. Today I visited another friend, who had also softmodded his wii and had been playing games from a Lacie HDD for a few days. When he wanted to show me a few games he had bought and ripped to the USB disk, USB Loader CFG no longer recognized his disk. It would timeout after 30 seconds, with error ret -1.

    His Wii ran System Menu 4.0e and he uses a Lacie Desktop HDD 500 Gb, formatted with WBFS, only one partition. His setup had worked fine for days, he'd been able to rip and play games to and from the HDD.

    We first tried the usual troubleshooting steps: reconnected the USB HDD, used the other USB port on the Wii, first started the Wii, then the disk, first started the disk, then the Wii, none of these steps changed the situation. The only noticeable change was that when the left USB port was used, the Wii would lock up completely and required a restart.

    I connected the Lacie to my laptop running Windows XP and the hardware was recognized without problems. I could load the drive in WBFS Manager 3.0 and saw all the content. Reconnecting the drive to the Wii resulted in the same problem.

    I then proceeded to redo the softmod procedure found here, adding the installation of USB Loader GX. The process completed ok, no errors encountered. At this point the Wii ran System Menu 4.1. However, using USB Loader GX, USB Loader CFG or Neogamma r8, the disk is still not recognized.

    As a last resort, I tried installing Hermes cIOS 4, to no avail. I installed custom IOS 222 using IOS37 merged with IOS38 and custom IOS 223 using IOS60 merged with IOS38.

    USB Loader GX will tell me it's waiting for my slow USB device, and after 30 seconds prompts me to try IOS249 or IOS222, timing out again after 30 more seconds.
    USB Loader CFG also waits 30 seconds and then times out
    Neogamma immediately tells me that there's no disk present when I select mount USB device.

    The wiki on GBA temp claims that the Lacie Desktop HDD should work with a USB Loader. The disk has worked fine for several days and still works fine when connected to a PC.

    Has anyone ever experienced anything similar? Any advice for a newbie?
    I'm reluctant to reformat the drive, as there's quite a bit of games on there and I'd hate to have to rerip all of them.

    I would appreciate any help you can offer.

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    Are you sure it's compatible. Check this: "USB loader recognizes the drive occasionally.Might be fixed on the next version of USB Loader. Edit: Works with this setup:1st partition Fat32 40GB, 2nd partition NTFS 385GB, 3rd partition WBFS 40GB. Plug a usb flash drive into the first usb and plug hdd into second usb to make it detect instantly. EDIT AGAIN: Does not work with the suggested setup. Completely non-working on all loaders and with all cIOS revisions. EDIT: Confirmed doesn't work. EDIT: Works when using Hermes' cIOS 222/223, but not with Waninkoko's cIOS 249. EDIT: Works with cIOS 249, created 2 partitions, both FAT 32. Formatted the first one twice in a row with ncWBFSTool and then I stopped having the "this is not a wii disc" error when loading games. EDIT: Works Hermes; cIOS 222/223 and uLoader 3.1 or config.player 48, and as 1 parition 500Gb"

    Initially it's listed as working, then all comments say "not so much". This is for the Lacie 500GB External USB 2.0 drive; that the one you're talking about. Source: here.

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    hi S_hades

    i had similar problem tonight as this with the same error ret - 1 when trying to load usb partition in wad manager...

    i only had this error after making a new partition on the drive as fat32 so i can use the fat32 partition instead of sd card....anyway the way i cured it was to put the drive back on the pc & to make the new partition as the active one,
    then to select the wbfs partition & then make that one the active partition as is becomes inactive when you select the second partition as active....

    know what i mean if that makes any sense...

    when i put back on the wii loaded up wad manager & hey presto it worked alright

    the drive im using is an old one out of a laptop i don't think it is even listed as a compatible.

    oh yes i also forgot to mention when i put the drive back in pc and goto use wbfs manager the games arnt even listed anymore but on the wii they are all still there & playable.

    i hope this helps you in any way let us know how you get on ...

    regards tymad

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    Thanks for the help nightstah & tymad
    The setup my friend was using was a single WBFS partition on a 500Gb Lacie USB2.0 disk.
    It worked fine for several weeks, then stopped working.

    I've now given my friend a 500 Gb Western Digital disk to try. I'm waiting for his feedback.
    Thanks again for your replies.

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    To my surprise the new disk doesn't work either. I have of course tested the WD disk on my own Wii and it worked fine for me. So it's not a disk compatibility issue, but a problem on the Wii.

    Since I've already reapplied the softmod procedure found here, I'm thinking that if it's a software problem, just reapplying or even upgrading probably won't work.

    Any tips from more experienced members?
    Is there any way I can test if the USB ports on the Wii still work properly? Could this be a hardware problem?

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    Check the cable. I had a bad cable last week and my USB Loader GX kept timing out.

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    Thanks for the advice Bloodfest. Unfortunately it's not the cable in this case. When we tested the second disk, we used a different cable as well, with the same result.

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    Are both the HDD's USB powered? I know the Lacie is and I am thinking that may be there is a USB power problem in the Wii. Make sure there is nothing plugged in the other Port and try a mains powered HDD if you can get your hands on one.

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    Thanks for the advice Tenaciousgreen. I seem to remember that the Lacie disk was not USB powered, I vaguely remember a power supply. The Western Digital disk we tested with later did have its own power supply, of that I'm sure.

    While searching for answers, I came across this thread. I've advised my friend to try again with a different USB device plugged into the inner port. I'm waiting for his reply.


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