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Thread: Dvd Drive Inching problem d2pro v2

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    Dvd Drive Inching problem d2pro v2

    So here's the case :

    Checked drive without modchip and it worked perfectly.
    Modded it with a D2pro V2 and it will only take the disc half in.
    So i push the disc in manually and it loads backups and originals fine.
    When ejecting a disc the same thing happens disc get ejected half.

    After trying all D2pro v2 fixing for the inching problem (none helped).
    I decided to remove the modchip.

    Now the drive still has the same problem even without a modchip or any wires attached.

    Did i burn a fuse or is there something else i can do to fix this drive?

    Weird thing that bugs me... is that its still doing it without modchip.
    This never happend to me before

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    its related to the J wire....we had this issue with a couple chips and only solution was to use the wii clip v4c

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    Thanks you my guess it was related to the J wire too.
    But somehow now i can't figure out why it does it even without a modchip.

    Do you have an idea?

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    if the modchip has been completely removed and its still inching then u need to clean the board up...check for bridges and use alcohol on a q-tip wherever u did some soldering and give it a shot

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    Big LOL!

    Well ofcourse i already did it i was 100% sure there were no bridged connection as i'm not really a amateur installer but this thing had me baffled.

    Even opened the drive to see if i could find something wrong with the meganism yesterday.

    So after numerous times of cleaning up retouching the soldering points i decided to give it another go and ejected the disc.

    You would not believe what came out with the disc.... 1 of the supporting drive rubbers. Apparently they stayed in the drive when i removed it and as they are black i couldn't see them when i opened the drive.

    So i found the first one and had to find the 2nd one. Opened the drive again and it took me about 10 minutes to locate it.

    Pulled it out and drive is working perfectly again.

    Lesson to be learned here... when you think you've seen it all.. you haven't

    Thanks for helping me out Gmodz.

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    lol np....probably shouldnt have said ur not an amature installer if you couldnt see the rubber pads!

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    they were lodged in so far that if you don't know what to look for you would never find them

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    I am haveing dvd drive problems with my wii also. I installed the D2prov2 chip and id did that inching think on the dvd drive. I then got the programer for the chip and updated it becuase I read that was an issue. and still does the same thing. If I take out the chip it works just fine. I am insalling on a D2B chip set. now I see two sets of jumpers on the D@pro9 do you do anything with those. What about length of wire from the chip to the board. I am just not sure what is going on. I had a wii key on this thing and it worked good untill I tried to update it with the disk and then it went nuts. would not read any back ups but orginals worked fine. (realized it was a clone) any help would be great. site I got it from is being no help they are just leaving me to hang now for over 2 weeks. a site that was recommended here!

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    Hi Loadmaster,

    First make sure you have no bridges and all connections are clean.
    Because i do know that there are some problems with the latest firmware but i didn't update any chips yet.

    if you are 100% sure this is the case then there are a few other tricks that work for me sometimes:

    1. Reflow the solder of the oscillator on the D2pro( the silver shiny brick at point K)


    2.Make the J wire long 6+ cm.


    3. Wrap another wire arround the J wire and only attach 1side of this wire to the ground. So you isolate the signal.


    4. the fix posted on Wiihacks - Wii Hacking Discussion ( didn't test it myself so can't confirm)

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    I am using the 5 wire set up for my unit. why do I have to do anything with the J wire?

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