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    Wii Music

    I'm having a hard time figuring this one out.

    I have:
    Priiloader v.3r45b
    Neogamma r8 beta7
    USB Loader GX Rev875c

    I am trying to load Wii Music from my usb hd with usb loader. I have a PAL version of Wii Music trying to play on my softmod NTSC Wii. My first symptom was a black screen. So I tried all the combinations of VIDtv Patch (on/off) with all the combinations of Error 002 fix (on/off/anti). These settings were tried all while my global setting Video Mode was set to Force NTSC. All I got was a black screen.

    Just now I tried defaulting my global settings, and when I did that I tried the game setting Video Mode to System Default, VIDtv Patch to off, and Error 002 to off. Now I can get into the game but I get the black and white screen since its a PAL game in NTSC. When I try and go back and change Video Mode to Force NTSC I get a black screen. Anything other then System Default for Video Mode gives a black screen.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    I just followed the guide from this link:

    And used NUSDownload to build a new WAD for the IOS that was listed on this link:

    It says Wii Music is IOS35. I'm still getting the same black screen when I used force NTSC. I've also toggled the VIDtv and Error 002 settings. No luck yet.

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    I just tried an NTSC version of Wii Music and it works perfectly. No more out of region games for me. I'm sticking with NTSC only.


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