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Thread: help, please! probable semi-bricked wii

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    help, please! probable semi-bricked wii

    My friend has an NTSC wii with a chip AND some softmods. it's been upgraded to 4.2 and everything.

    I was trying to install some homebrew when I decided to go to the settings, just to check how things were down there. I received an opera error message, which seems to be a commom thing for semi-bricked wiis, and I have no idea how to fix it.

    I looked around the forum and saw that some games can cause bricking (mario strikers and paper mario, among others). he has both of those in backup form. Maybe he updated with the wrong region?

    whatever the cause, how can I start fixing it? any help would be terribly appreciated.
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    Best bet is to ask the folks in Bricked Wii Issues Only, link here.


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