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Thread: D2SUN V3 new game protection?

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    D2SUN V3 new game protection?

    Sorry if these questions have been asked before but I have been out of the wii scene for a long time.

    I have tried to play a backup of New Super Mario on my Wii v34.E with
    D2SUN V3 installed but I get a black screen which says something like disc error switch off wii!

    I have read a little and discovered this games has a new propection and most people are running it using USB loaders etc.

    My questions are:

    1. Can I run this game without soft modding my wii?
    2. What are the risks in soft modding? I read the will can be bricked!
    3. If I have to soft mod can someone point me in the right direction for a beginers guide to soft mod to handle this new protection?

    Many thanks

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    1. yes all if not most new version modchips on the market will play the nsmb (bca encryption)
    and most older updatable modchips have an update out more

    3.. newbie corner
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