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Thread: Homebrew Channel upside down issues

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    Homebrew Channel upside down issues

    I have seen several posts on this that I need to uninstall and reinstall homebrew channel. However when I try to access the SD hackme installer it says "no vulnerable IOS installed"

    Do I need to uninstall a IOS from wad manager then try again? How do I make IOS vulnerable again? Is there another way to reinstall homebrew channel such as a wad file?

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    I smell a cIOSCorp install (yuck). However, the answer to your question can be found here.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry i think there are a few post with the same question. I kept getting a 404 server error I didnt relize it still posted my question. I

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    Do your fellow newbs (and others) a favor and check first to see if your original post went thru, OK? Not a big problem, but when you see like four in a row, ya know... it makes people wonder.

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    Will do! There is a reason I posted on the newbie section lol.

    That guide to fix homebrew seem like I could brick my wii if done incorrectly. Every thing works now, my back ups play fine it's just the homebrew that is upside down. Would you recommend I just leave it as it is? If I get no vulnrable ios error does that mean I didn't mod it correctly?

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    It just means you can't alter HBC. If you're fine with things the way they are, you can leave it as-is. cIOSCorp, I presume? You know, that kind of "guts" your Wii and makes it all proprietary, which is why nothing gets along with it so much.

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    Stop posting this in more than one spot. The next post i see that you make of this problem, I will send you to the Reading Room.


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