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Thread: Newbie help please

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    Newbie help please

    I just wondered if someone could help me out please?
    I looked around the site and finally got my Wii hacked. well i have neo gamma on and that is great.
    BUT i would love to able to load a usb loader.
    I am know not to sure how to go about this. If i take out my sd card do i loose everthing i already have loaded?
    or can i put in another sd card which has a wad loader and the relevant app.
    Can anyone advise the best to use and how to go about installing it.
    Many Thanks

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    Didn't I just answer your questions on a thread here created like 5-10 mins ago?

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    sorry for the repost.

    My laptop died and i thought it had not gone through.
    Can someone delete this thread please?

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    NP... just let it go, it happens...


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