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Thread: troubles with hacks.ini HELP

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    troubles with hacks.ini HELP

    I Have tried everything in my power to make the hacks.ini to work.
    But it says

    syntax error missing = before "n" in line 2
    syntax error EOF line 1

    I have system menu 4.2.

    And i have search everywhere for some answers and can't find any.

    please help

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    Straight from the Wiibrew hacks page @ bottom:

    Possible problems
    Wrong linebreaks
    If you are using a Mac or Linux, you will probably have the wrong kind of linebreaks if you just copy this list into a hacks.ini. Preloader needs dos-type linebreaks, so you have to use a tool like unix2dos to change the linebreak format or use priiloader.

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    I use a PC with windows

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    Your line breaks are wrong or you're missing a single line somewhere...


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