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Thread: Help! Wiimote dosn't work!

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    Question Help! Wiimote dosn't work!

    i'm really stressed out cuz after I modded my Wii, my wiimotes didn't work. I tried to sync it and replace the batteries. I even borrowed a friend's sensor bar to see if my sensor bar didn't work. Even with my friend's working sensor bar, it still couldn't detect the wiimote. I brought my wiimotes to my friend's wii and it worked there. I reattached the faceplate too, incase that does anything.
    any help would be appreciated

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    turns out that the wii sensor bar only emits IR signals for the wiimote to triangulate it's position. It's not actually "sensing" anything.
    Wii sensor bar hax0red - Engadget
    so i was wondering what "senses" the wiimote if the sensor bar dosn't do anything

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    *bump* =P .

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    I have not heard of this type of problem before, but with the information you have given, it could be the connection for your sensor bar on the wii that may be the issue.

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    If the motes are not syncing the bluetooth card in the Wii might be damaged or not in all the way. RE-open and check it.

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    omg...thx so much...i jiggled the bluetooth thing and it worked =P!!!

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    The Wiimote connects to the Wii through Bluetooth. This is why, unlike a TV remote, the wiimote doesn't have to be aimed at the Wii.

    Yes the sensor bar, actually, is just some IR led lights powered by the Wii. The real technology is in the Wiimote. It has an IR camera that actually does the sensing. So depending on where the sensor bar is compared to where the Wiimote is how it determines where you are aiming at.

    The Motion sensitivity is from either an accelerometer or gyro or both.

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    actually this is what happened to me! I took out my sensor bar and aimed to to wii remotes at the wii to basically create one like in the video and it worked! But wait for this! I took out the batteries of the second wii-remote and had the sensor bar unplugged and the first wii-remote was still working for some odd reason! I have a feeling that the wii doesn't need a sensor bar. Or two wii remotes to make one hand on the screen. So far i have been just using one wiimote without the sensor bar for a month now an it has still been working out fine!
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    some ppl have reportedly used 2 candles or lights as replacements for the ir sensor bar

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    you know, all this fuss over the Wii sensor bar, what it does, what it does not do etc...

    the facts are,

    • it senses nothing,,, all it is, is a IR sources that the Wiimote detects and decides where you are pointing it...
    • yes, for the bulk of the time, you proberbly do not need the sensor bar
    • its true, two tea lights also work just as well...
    • yes, its true.... rip the sensor bar open, extend the wires and place each IR emitter at oposit ends of the tv.... the further apart they are, the more accurate it is...

    what is all the fuss if you need it or not.... just leave the damn thing where it is supposed to be.... on top of the TV.... you think for one min that nintendo will make a item, pack it and ship it if you dont really need it?


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