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Thread: D2Pro 9 V2 on D2E? HELP!

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    Question D2Pro 9 V2 on D2E? HELP!


    I just bought a Wii in early July with the intentions of modding it. i used the wii tracker to tell me which chipset i have and it said i would most likely have the D2C2. So i bought a D2Pro9 with the wii clip and the triwing screwdriver. just now, i opened it up and found the letters D2E printed on the chipset! will my V2 D2Pro 9 with eh "works with D2C2" sticker work? do i have to upgrade it? do i need the programmer? For reference, i bought this wii in New Jersey (US).

    Thank You!

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    man that sucks for you, d2pro9 are compatabile with d2e and you will just need to update you chip using a d2prog, but the thing is the d2pro team is going to milk the chip which mean they will not realaese the update till there there is a new drive. So as of now you will have to buy another modchip i would recommand you get a wasabi 2

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    Can you upload the firmware OFF of a chip using a D2Prog? would it work if i then took that firmware and installed it on my chip? and why a wasabi V2 over the D2pro? does that have a solderless clip option as well? and how much mroe expensive is that?

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    Does your d2pro have the blue sticker on the back. If yes then you have the compatible version of d2pro. Im not sure that an upddate will make it compatible. The website suggest that if your d2pro have a blue sticker then you are good to go. And d2pro is a good choice as i have little problem with it.
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    No. No Blue Sticker. When i bought this chip the D2E chips had not shipped yet to distributors. it has the green D2C2 sticker on the back. i am sure an update should be released though. i doubt there is any difference in hardware. i am just not sure whether when the update is available it will be able to be updated through dvd or if i will need the programmer.

    And y do you recommend the Wasabi 2 instead of the Wasabi 3?

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    i didnt recommed wasabi. Must be Jebise101. Oh wellz, maybe an update will fix it. but the most recent update doesnt fix that. They just released 2.1 this week so who knows when they will release the update for the d2e. Im sure the programmer will be needed as the dvd update is only for minor updates and configuration.
    Hacked Wii: Pal D2C2 fw 3.2E
    Chip: D2pro9 fw 2.1
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