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Thread: Some newbie questions

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    Some newbie questions

    Hi all I am new to the Wii scene. i have previously done and xbox and psp. So I got a wii and I guess its a D2C so An argon chip and Wii-clip will work. What I want to know is after I install this my back-ups will work If I burn them. What about super smash brothers as its DL? Do all back-ups work at this time. Currently I own SSBB, Paper MArio, Wii Sports, Wii Play, Rayman 1 and 2, Mario Party, and a few others. Do these games require patches?

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    nope just copy and burn to dvd using verbatim -r dvds at 4x using imgburn. i would recommand you get a d2pro9 or wasabi 2 rather then aragon. There is one issues that you may come accross which would be to make a backup of your origionals you neeed a special LG dvd drive to make backups of your origional

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    Thanks for the reply

    So what about GC games? do they have to be on small dvd-r's? Does the media have to be verbatuim? Whats wrong with the argon?

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    I belive argons very buggy. They updated it so many times just to make it work like they said when launched. Where Wasabi and d2pro have been working right from release. As with GC games, the can be burned on full size dvd''s no problem. The reason we recommend verbatim is because its one with the most successfull burns and lots of people have great result. Just make sure its the one made in singapore as people have mention taht there are india made verbatim which have bad quality. As for SSBB, you need to use DVD+R DL media, again verbatim is a great choice. Just look for the thread about burning SSBB in this forum. It will help you.

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    So theer is no like handful of games that have problems with bertain chips. Does this bypass the bios or is it like FW? Will it need updated.

    I didnt relize that SSBB needed to be specially burned ill have to look at that


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