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Thread: Hi from Phiberosmosis

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    Hi from Phiberosmosis

    Hi my name is Chris. I recently joined the fray and got a wii. I am a pretty hardcore gamer but havent owned a Nintendo system in a Few years. (SNES days) I picked it back up and got and XBOX last gen. Which is currently running XBMC with a 320 GB HDD. I also have a PS3 and a GoW Red Sp edition PSP which is of course running CFW. I got my GF a DS LITE and decided I liked what Nintendo had to offer. I got myself a DS and loved Mario Party so much I decided to pick up a Wii. Im here to learn about modding it

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    hope you will learn about wii hacks enjoy your time!

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    likewise i also hope you enjoy yourself!!!!
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