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Thread: Problems still occur no matter the medium or speed

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    Problems still occur no matter the medium or speed

    I have been burning my games with IMGBurn (should I try Nero)? and the games work BUT not all the way to where I can play the game...they might freeze before you actually get to game play...I am having this problem with NBA Live 08 and WiiFit....I dont understand it...I burn at 1x on Verbatim with NOTHING else running on my computer...

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    try 4x you might have better luck, are your use your source is good?

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    No I'm not sure my source is good...I have been using torrents as I can find them...I have tried doing 4X but I have not gotten any luck as of yet...I just don't know what it can be...if the game is recognized shouldn't it work?


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