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Thread: Gamecube Backup Launcher

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    Gamecube Backup Launcher

    Ok Sorry to interrupt you guys with this but i have some problems with both the 0.1 and 0.2 versions
    I've been searching for a lot of forums for people who also have my problem but i dind't see anyone who did strangely enough Ok so
    I'd really appreciate if you guys helped me out with this so first thing
    Im running 3.2E Softmodded
    The 0.2 worked before but it dind't later and the dvd's also WORKED. I tried reinstalling Cmios and Cios.
    If i try starting it now it just makes a weird ticking noise on 0.2
    And on 0.1 it now gets a green screen unable to read dvd

    (I think it stopped working after i got the Uloader for New Super Mario Bros Wii)

    I'd really hope you guys can help me xD
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