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Thread: Downgrade System Menu from 4.2 to 4.1

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    Downgrade System Menu from 4.2 to 4.1

    This is a long-winded explanation on how I got System Menu 4.1 working after installing 4.2 through Nintendo's updater. As usual there are no guarantees with this. As I said, this is long-winded. That's because I don't want just any old retard coming in here and just picking off of the howto, messing up and then blaming me. I'm not catering to everyone, because not everyone should pull this kinda thing off. Only those with patience to read and heavily rethink their decisions. This howto is meant to make you THINK and UNDERSTAND why this works. If you don't get it, then don't try it. You can very easily brick your Wii doing this. I'm dumb for even doing this without Bootmii/boot2. Make sure you do use it.

    Now.. before I really start, let me make one thing clear: there really is no reason to do this. Let me repeat... this is pointless. HBC and co. work just fine on 4.2 and downgrading is neither necessary nor recommended. I just got bored and decided to share it with the world.

    However, there are probably a couple of you out there that are just as curious as I was and say screw it... well, I said screw it without bootmii/boot2 and I'm alright. I hold no accountability for you bricking your Wii (since it is YOU pressing the buttons and not me), but if you follow this guide correctly, it shouldn't matter. Besides, you already made a copy of your nand and saved your keys, right?????

    NOTICE: According to Messie if you have a Wii with the serial number LU64 or higher, your Wii can't be downgraded further than 3.4. I haven't tested this since I don't have a LU64+ Wii. I've looked into this and LU64 Wiis have DIFFERENT HARDWARE in them which takes longer to start up. Loading System Menus before 3.4 require IOS30 which was built BEFORE July, 11th 2008, the day boot2v4 and boot2v4 COMPATABLE IOSs started to compiled. This means Downgrading to System Menu 3.3 or lower on these systems will lead to a very very ugly BRICK. Stick with System Menu 4.x and don't even install any IOSs from before this date.

    The System Menu 4.2 Update doesn't just install a new version of System Menu. It also updates your boot2 to boot2v4 AND (and this is the critical part) it "upgrades" certain IOS'. Upgrading means just raising the version number to Nintendo; however, upgrading also leads to some IOS' becoming stubs (stubs are basically folders that get in the way and block attempts to install older version of the IOS). So, to combat this, we're going to take the sure-route and install the latest versions of IOS' before they became stubbed. Lastly, to make sure the system is still able to boot into HBC or Bootmii after "taking the plunge", I'm going to recommend installing Priiloader... For Priiloader I recommend installing cIOS38rev14 or rev16 to ensure a smooth install.

    Now, the big guys (bushing, marcan... all the #wiidev guys basically) believe that fewer cIOS' or hacked IOS' the better... Since they know more than I do, I'm sticking to this ideology. Any IOS below or equal to 70 should not be messed with imho (with exception to IOS36 in some cases... ex: AnyRegion_Changer). If you must, have fun with the 2xx IOS slots. I recommend all IOS <=70 be left alone; with Hermes cIOS 202 for usb2.0 support in mplayer ce; IOS 249 for the ocassional program that needs Waninkoko's special touch and IOS36 installed to 236 with Trucha Bug patched (despite not using the latter in this howto).

    This is good for several purposes.
    1. All your games will surely have the necessary IOS' by the end of this Tut.
    2. If you happen to have been (what I like to call) "ebayed" and have a Wii with cIOSCORP-FAIL on it or you had the bright idea to do it yourself, you'll want to clean off that dirty, dirty Wii... This can double as a "Clean cIOSCORP from Wii" Tutorial if one were to leave out the System Menu stuff.
    3. Any random crap IOS' you may have installed at some point can now be "taken care of" and repaired. Skeletons in the closet are one thing... In your Wii they can brick you.

    Anyway, here's what you'll need.

    • NUSDownloader 1.3b
    • cIOS38rev14 (or 16 I guess)
    • DOP-IOS Mod v10.1
    • Priiloader (optional and not recommend if bootmii/boot2 is already installed)

    DOP-IOS Mod, NUSD and Priiloader can all be found at The other download can be found easily on this forum.
    Download NUS Downloader - WiiBrew
    Download Dop-IOS MOD - WiiBrew
    Download Priiloader - WiiBrew

    Alright, here we go!

    1. :
      • Make a copy of nand in bootmii in case all hell breaks lose... A given.

    2. :
      • Using NUSD, download IOS15 v523, IOS15 v257, and IOS36 v3351 and pack them into wads.
      • Place these wads onto the root directory of your SD Card (ex: sd:/IOS15-64-v257.wad ). Don't get these wads from anywhere else.

    3. :
      • Run DOP-IOS Mod. Hit "A" to continue. The default option is to load IOS60. Scroll down one and select "Install an IOS that accepts fakesigning"
      • When asked which IOS to load, hit "B" to avoid a reload.
      • Select "Downgrade IOS15" and have that run until DOP-IOS Mod prompts you to press A to quit. Do so.
      • Reopen DOP-IOS Mod from HBC. Click on "Install an IOS that accepts fakesigning" again, but choose IOS15 to reload instead. (If at this point you start getting problems with this program and you have an SDHC card, then try Trucha Bug Restorer (TBR) 1.1. The entire program TBR was implemented into DOP-IOS Mod; however, it doesn't always work when the normal TBR does.)
      • Now, select "IOS36 Menu". Make sure that all 3 patches are enabled and then install to IOS36. Hit the A's where necessary. You should need to restart DOP-IOS Mod (I'm gonna call it DIM from now on) after the installation.
      • After reopening DIM, DON'T scroll down to "Install an IOS... blah blah blah" but instead this time hit left button on the digital pad at the screen asking which IOS to load until you get to "36". Load IOS36.
      • You should get a message saying that was successful. Now, open up the IOS Menu. Scroll left til you find IOS15. Hit "A" to install IOS15 v523 but DON'T apply fakesigning patch (we're going to try to manually restore it back to 523 to see if the Trucha Bug is present.
      • If everything worked fine, continue to step 4. If that didn't work then retry the above with TBR (if you get error -1017 then trucha bug did not get applied [aka nand permissions section in IOS36 menu!]).

    4. :
      • Now that IOS36 has the Trucha Bug, we want to install cIOS38 to IOS slot 249 for Priiloader later (technically this is optional but do it anyway... it'll save you much stress if something goes wrong). Load up the cIOS38 installer (I'm going to assume rev 14).
      • Now you will be greeted by some soothing music. (Hit mute button ). When asked which IOS version to use during installation, select IOS36 and hit "A". Read the disclaimer... hit "A".
      • After that select Network installation and hit "A". It will immediately start downloading needed content and start installing it.
      • Assuming step 3 was successful this should also be successful and not give you any -1017 errors or anything. If not, redo Step 3.
      • Go back to HBC

    5. :
      • Great! Now we're ready for the fun part: the monotonous reinstallation of (almost) all IOS' on your Wii! Let's go back to our old buddy DIM. This time you can load IOS36 or IOS249... shouldn't matter. This tutorial worked the best with IOS249, though. But DON'T apply fakesigning patch to IOS'! It's unnecessary. To quote svpe, "It's just stupid". We have 36 and 249.. that'll suffice for this task.
      • So! This next part is dangerous so please be careful and make sure you're using a power source that doesn't just randomly go "F you!". We need to delete the stubs from the 4.2 update. Just to be safe though, we're gonna try just one for now: IOS60.
      • At the main menu of DIM select "Remove stubbed IOSs". "Are you sure you want to continue?" Hit "Yes"... Don't worry... it won't just start deleting stuff. Hit "No" at every IOS until you hit IOS60. Only hit "Yes" there. You should return to the Main menu.
      • Now select "IOSs" and scroll right to IOS60. Here you only see a "Install old" at the "-" button. That means the newest version is a stub and the program doesn't install stubs. So let's press "-" and install the older version. Everything should work just fine. If not try with IOS249. If you get the green light and it returns to the IOS selection screen you'll see the version of IOS60 not as a stub anymore but rather as v6174. Good! Let's get this show on the road.
      • Hit "B" to go back and at the menu select the option to start deleting stubs. NOTE! Don't delete the following stubs: IOS4, IOS10, and IOS16. You could delete them I believe, but let's just leave 'em be...
      • Now hit IOSs at the main menu. This is the mundane part where you have to pay attention... This might take half an hour or so. To make sure your IOSs are "clean" and all accounted for, reinstall/install all IOSs starting with IOS9 and moving on upward. While selecting what version of each IOS needs to be reinstalled, select "A" at the following given IOS, but if there is no "A" option available, you'll have to press "-". Pressing A basically means "install newest version" however as previously stated, those can sometimes be stubbed IOSs, in which case this program blocks loading the newest IOS version. Be careful with IOS61 and IOS70 though. If they work leave them be as well. Note: This guide is meant to help you save space on your nand: it's here for one purpose and that's making sure the system is clean and able to be downgraded without fear of messing up. From my calculations you'll re/install IOS9, 12, 13, 14, (don't need 15) 17, 21, 22, 28, 30 (ONLY FOR NON-LU64+ WIIS!), 31, 33, 34, 35, (don#t need IOS36) 37, 38, 50, 51, 53, 55, 56, 57 and lastly 61 (since we already got IOS60). Please do NOT install any more IOSs with DOP IOS-Mod than given here. That's pointless and reckless. If every went fine, pass go and collect $200.
      • Time for the decisive moment. Go back to main menu and select "System Menu". Only downgrade to 4.1. It makes no sense to go back as far as 3.2... downgrading in and of itself is dangerous... why push it? also DON'T install the wrong region System Menu. This ISN'T AnyRegion_Changer. Don't get any smart ideas. Go ahead and install. Success? Phew... Once the install is done hit the "Home" button on the wii controller to go back to HBC -- DON'T JUST SKIP TO MENU WITHOUT PRIILOADER UNLESS YOU HAVE BOOTMII/BOOT2. Here comes step 6.

    6. :
      • Bout to crap yourself? I was too. Alright. Now we need to install Priiloader to have something that'll launch HBC if the install of System Menu 4.1 was unsuccessful despite it reporting as being successful. Open the Priiloader installer in HBC.
      • Once loaded, you'll see the IOS that's currently loaded at the top left-hand corner. Let's use IOS249 to be safe. To start the installation with this in mind, hold down the "B" button and press "+" (B tells installer to load IOS249 for the install which is triggered by plus)
      • This should go quickly. Before you know it, it'll say it's returning to loader... If there are ANY errors, retry Priiloader. If Priiloader does NOT work, something's wrong with IOS249 and in which case, you shouldn't even be at the Priiloader part yet. Go back to step 4.

    7. :
      • Assuming you're back in HBC, time to reboot the Wii and see what happens. Priiloader should start up the first time. See it? Look at the system menu version down left... not 48x? sounds good! Try loading up the System Menu, Tiger.
      • If everything went according to plan, when you hit settings you should see that 4.1X up in the top right-hand corner. Is it there? Phew... Now you can breathe easy.

    I hope this howto was insightful. If there's any confusion don't worry, you can hit me up with a PM. If I answered it already though, I'll just reply with a "failed". If you didn't get something in this guide, that means you probably shouldn't mess with this any further. Please don't break your Wii on account of you not correctly following my guide.

    Comments are also welcome.... please tell me how this works for y'all.

    Last edited by ddanat; 01-17-2010 at 10:36 AM. Reason: I had originally gotten cut off too early. I just wanted to add a "conclusion"


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