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Thread: Ps3 Guitar Hero Mic Works with Wii Beatles Rock Band

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    Wink Ps3 Guitar Hero Mic Works with Wii Beatles Rock Band

    I tried this out last night and it didn't work, but with a bit of googling I learned that you have to have the mic connected before you load the game.
    Worked a charm.

    Neogamma r8
    Sm Ver 3.3e

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    ps3 rock band compatible on wii

    Hello, I am new at the Wii. I recently bought one. The unit was stock with version 4.2U. I had successfully used the guide on this site to soft mod the unit. It works fine.

    The issue I am having is that I also bought the Rock Band 2 bundle for my PS3. I thought that it would be compatible with the Wii system because of the usb connection, so I got the Beatles Rock Band game for the Wii. The game works fine with the microphone but not the drums or guitar.

    I opened up the drums and the guitar (probably voiding a warranty, oops-I was curious) and the USB dongle has the PS/Wii logo was on it. So I figured that it must be possible that this thing would work.

    I also found that IOS37 is needed to play Guitar Hero but I have IOS38 installed. Do I need to install IOS37?

    I am just looking for possibly a little insight on this situation. Is it possibly software on the Wii or hardware related? The lights all flash and the guitar and the drums do sync up but does register a remote number.

    Not sure if this have been brought up before but I can't find any info on this anywhere.

    Wii system 4.2U
    NeoGamma R7 IOS249 Rev 14

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi , I have searched everywhere for more info on cross compatiability but turned up very little. I would say the simply answer is NO you cant use wii instruments with any other console. I cant verify this with my Band Hero instruments (Ps3)because they are all wireless. Once i plug the wireless Ps3 dongle into the wii i get nothing no lights flashing. Interesting that both brands were listed on the dongle my instruments only have Ps3 branding. The search continues.
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