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    Question WODE general FAQ

    This is the FAQ that Aether one of the mods on the WODE forums wrote up and so full credits go to him.

    Found here

    This topic is being posted to stop people from repeating questions over and over. I'm going to try and make a nice thorough FAQ here, so please try and refrain from posting new questions unless yours isn't here.

    Q: What regions will WODE work on?
    A: Any. WODE will work with NTSC-U, PAL, NTSC-J, and Korean Wiis.

    Q: What Wii firmware should I use?
    A: WODE will work with absolutely any Wii firmware, past or future. There is no 'best' firmware. If you use 4.2 or greater firmware, just realize that you can't play out-of-region games without some kind of homebrew.

    Q: What kinds of devices will WODE work with?
    A: WODE can read from flash drives, hard drives, SD cards, card readers (for things like compact flash or Sony cards), and external USB DVD drives. Future updates are planned that will add the streaming of game images over WiFi.

    Q: What is D3-2?/I have a D3-2, will WODE work?
    A: D3-2 is a type of Wii DVD drive found in newer Wiis. It has the ability to read burned DVDs removed, which stops you from playing any burned backups. WODE will be able to emulate a drive and play your ISOs just fine, but it will NOT play burned games with a D3-2 via Flat Mode.

    Q: How do I set up my hard drive?
    A: You have many options here. WODE supports a variety of filesystems. You can choose between NTFS, FAT (16, 32), EXT3FS, HFS+ and WBFS. Read below for details on each. See THIS for a guide on how to partition your drive.

    NTFS (Windows Standard)
    •In the root of the drive, make a folder called "iso" (No Quotes)
    •Put any ISOs or .wbfs files (created with Wii Backup Manager, see below for details) in this folder. WODE also supports subfolders, meaning that you can organize your games. For example, have an "Action" folder for action games, etc.
    •Choose the NTFS partition on WODE and play your games.

    EXT3FS (Linux)
    •See NTFS, replace NTFS in the last step with EXT3FS

    FAT has a filesize limit, so it's a little different.
    •In the root of the drive, make a folder called "ISO."
    •Put any gamecube ISOs or split .wbfs files (I recommend splitting to 2GB to be safe. Why? FAT has a limit on the size of a file, which a normal Wii ISO goes above. See the .wbfs question below for details) in this directory. WODE also supports subfolders, meaning that you can organize your games. For example, have an "Action" folder for action games, etc.

    •Use a WBFS manager of some sort to format your drive to WBFS
    •In this manager, transfer any ISOs to the drive.
    •Choose the WBFS partition on WODE and play your games.
    HFS+ (Mac)
    •See NTFS, replacing NTFS with HFS+

    Q: What exactly is a .wbfs file?
    A: We can think of a .wbfs file as a special version of a Wii ISO. It removes any garbage data put in by Nintendo and the game's update partition, leaving only the game itself and usually significantly reducing the game's size. These files can be created with Wii Backup Manager for Windows. If you're using a FAT drive, .wbfs files let you put your games on it. Since FAT has a set limit for the size of files, .wbfs files can be split in order to fit.

    Q: What is a .bca file and how is it used?/How do I get .bca files?
    A1: Newer games have a new anti-piracy method known as BCA. It is a simple 64 bytes of data read from official discs that backups lack. The .bca file contains those 64 bytes so that the WODE can play games without issues. The .bca files share the name if its games. For example, if you have an ISO called "NSMB.iso," you need to name the .bca file "NSMB.bca." If you have split .wbfs files, such as "NSMB.wbfs" and "NSMB.wbf1," you still name it "NSMB.bca"

    A2: You can get .bca data two ways. The first way is to use the WODE game ripper, since it will also rip the BCA data for you. However, at the time of writing this FAQ, the ripper is not available so you need an alternate method. Unfortunately, it requires homebrew. If you don't want any kind of homebrew, I suggest waiting for the ripper to be finished. If you're OK with using homebrew, use uLoader to find the game's BCA data, then put the 64 bytes into a hex editor and save it as your .bca file.

    Q: Why isn't my hard drive working with WODE?
    A: Take a look at your drive. If it's not a flash drive and it only has one cable, it's likely that it isn't receiving enough power to run. You have three choices to fix this:

    •Get a powered USB hub
    •Get a USB Y-cable
    •Get a new drive with external power

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    Thanks for this FAQ. I think I will buy WODE after reading some reviews

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    I had posted one from ISO-240 but their server crashed and lost all the data.

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    Question Have a softmod wii

    I have a soft mod wii with homebrew using the gx loader. I want to either get the wode in addition to my current wii. or buy a new wii and just use the wode with my current HDD. which i believe is WFBS or a FAT 32 it has been a while since i soft modded the wii. I also have homebrew on my current wii

    My question is can i take the new wii install wode and just plug in my HDD? Can I just install the wode in my current wii and not have to update or install anything?

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    Personally, I don't think this thread is designed for questions per se (be aware, it's like 10 months old). WiiJohn will likely be better to assist you, but I seriously doubt the query (innocent as it is) should land here.

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    just wanted to add...

    The FAQ was a great help, I noticed that when I put my iso's on my ntfs drive in a folder called "iso" that the games wouldnt show up on my WODE but when i changed the directory to "ISO" it worked fine. Just thought I would throw that out there in case anyone else had the same issue.

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    That's a nice little tip. I can see lots of people making that mistake.


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