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Thread: R.I.P. TehSkeen

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    R.I.P. TehSkeen

    It seems Brakken has lost all data on server again and has decided to close.

    R.I.P. TehSkeen - WiiNewz - Nintendo Wii Modchip & Hacking Community


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    For some inexplicable reason he was too dumb or lazy to do a local backup.
    A real shame, it was my fav homebrew news site, checked every day, I'll miss it...
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    That's too bad, I always looked there for the latest Wii news and homebrew releases. This is what I get when I click on a google link to tehskeen

    Dear Skeeners,

    Due to circumstances out of my control I have no choice, but to inform you of the bad news. TehSkeen is lost. Therefore, due to internal and external reasons I am leaving the "scene". It.s been a hell of a ride and five years is a long time to work on something you enjoy to have it just vanish. TehSkeen had a vision and I hope someday someone else will follow this vision. I.m not giving up just moving on. I hope you all can understand this and if you can't I'm sorry. There are other sites out there with similar morals and content that you can be a part of. Farewell.

    Kind Regards,


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    me thinks there is more to it.
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