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Thread: Custom Firmware for Wii (No mod chip needed to play back up's......soon)

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    Ca Custom Firmware for Wii (No mod chip needed to play back up's......soon)

    UPDATED 7.27.08 Waninkoko Released Custom IOS37 rev 03 + Custom IOS Downgrader v1.0
    Waninkoko, recognized for his Wad Installer/Uninstaller/Manager homebrew for Wii has made a big leap forward in Wii homebrew by releasing a custom firmware for Wii. It patches an IOS installed on your Wii to allow features not on the original IOS. So far it is known to unlimit the DVD reading capabilities on an unmodded Wii. hehe




    - This is a Custom IOS, an IOS modified to add some new features
    not available in the official IOS.

    This IOS has been made to be used ONLY with homebrew software.

    The Custom IOS installs as IOS249 and it does not modify any other
    IOS so it is secure to install.


    - "IOS37-64-v2070.wad" original WAD file.


    - Copy "IOS37-64-v2070.wad" file to the root of a SD card.
    - Insert the SD card on your Wii.
    - Run the installer.

    [ KUDOS ]:

    - Team Twiizers and devkitPRO devs for their great work in libogc.
    - All the betatesters.
    - nitrotux, for his IOS5.
    UPDATE: Now hosting the non-copyrighted code version.

    Change log for IOS37 rev 03

    -- Dropped checkup version of the title ES_AddTitleStart function ().
    -- Now you can remove titles system with ES_DeleteTicket () and ES_DeleteTitle ().
    -- Dropped checkup function ES_SetUID ().

    He also released a GenPlus-GX SVN with DVD support and a Wii DVD Dumper (Custom IOS) v1.1 to work with the new IOS. Most of the files are on his site except for the IOS37-64-v2070.wad Waninkoko - Wii Projects
    Its on the net but I guess its a file from the wii so board mods seem to have a problems having links to that file but I can post if needed. I have not tried it yet but people are saying it works meaning the Wii has access to roms burned on to a DVD on a UNMODDED Wii and can also dump a Wii DVD to the SD on a UNMODDED Wii.
    Bushing originally found it but I guess Waninkoko developed something from it.
    Believe it or not Bushing actually sent a letter to Nintendo telling them about this.
    Dear Nintendo,
    July 17th, 2008 by bushing

    As part of our efforts to understand how the Wii works, we believe we
    have found a security issue that could allow pirated Wii games to be
    played on an unmodified Wii console.

    I would like to speak to an engineer about this — please have one contact me at bushing (at)


    P.S. Sorry for posting this publicly — I tried emailing you three times
    and never received a response. I am trying to follow the model set forth
    in RFPolicy v2.0, so your timely response
    would be appreciated.

    Ohhh such good things are gona come from this

    UPDATE 7.27.08
    DVD Access Library (no modchip required)

    More news from Bushing and team.......

    Note: this is not a backup loader, in any way, shape, or form. If you’re looking for a backup loader, please move along.

    While Nintendo did reply to bushing’s open letter, he has not succeeded in establishing a conversation with an engineer about the issue. Furthermore, we have learned that they received and read at least two of the original three e-mails that were sent prior to the open letter, and decided not to reply (in fact, one of their replies was to one of the original e-mails, but only after the open letter was posted). Therefore, we can only conclude that they are not very interested in the issue.

    As many of you may already know or have deduced, the bug in our open letter referred to a way of reading DVD-Rs (and Video DVDs) without the use of a modchip. Several people have investigated the bug independently, and they’ve gotten pretty close. However, we did discover an easier way of enabling this mode from homebrew, which, among other things, does not require any changes to IOS at all. This method is also relatively difficult to transform into some sort of backup loader.

    Erant has been developing a library that uses this trick to enable DVD access for homebrew. We hope to release it this coming week, after a few details have been polished. svpe and dhewg have been working on a native mplayer port that uses this library to play back DVDs, which we hope to release as a proof-of-concept together with the library. We also have DVD-loading versions of snes9x and Genplus.

    Non-modchip users will not need a custom IOS. Ironically, this method doesn’t work for users of some modchips. Therefore, these users will require a patched IOS using the well-known UnencryptedRead patch (the library will automatically use it if needed). We’ll try to release a somewhat more user-friendly version of patchmii dedicated to this task together with the library.

    This is cool. 1 Wii 3 regions. All Wii's are the same except for the NAND flash chips [ame=]Around The World (ChipD's 3-region Wii) - Video[/ame]

    HackMii — Notes from inside your Wii
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    Bushing found out a way to run Pirated games already but he is tellin nintendo about it. I guess he thinks he's doin the "right thing" pffft
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    Damn you Brushing. histroy repeats itself...if nintendo releases a update to fix the flaw, I'm sure there will be a work-around.

    But for the mean-time...cheers!!!!

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    Im glad they tried to contact Nintendo. If CFW is installed and then they have support for playing backup games. Most, if not all, will install it then there will be no more game sales because most will not pay 50-60 dollars for one game when they can just download it.

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    I disagree sales wont drop because of a soft mod because relatively not much people know whats in the wii homebrew scene and alot of nintendo's costumers are to young or too old to bother or know how to do this and not everyone has zelda.
    That narrows the list down to proberly 1-2% more people would be pirating wii games that did not already with a modchip.

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    I disagree. While the homebrew scene is relatively unknown, add the posibility to play games for free. Most will do that merely to save money. I mean, look at the psp. Thanks to the ease of hacking it, software sales is so dismal that most developers wont even look towards making something for it. And hacking the wii is even easier.. Thus making the risk to rewards ratio heavily favoring the rewards side.

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    So this WAD is unavailable right now? That sucks... so all you have to do is run the ELF via the TH or HBC after putting the WAD on the root of the SD card? Does this only modify certain parts of the firmware? And does the uninstaller restore the firmware to a stock (original) state? Oh, and what does IOS mean?

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    The wad is available you just have to look around for it found it here
    and here

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    Personally...I don't pirate current system games. I acctually buy my games for the Wii. I gives the Developers an insensitive to produce quality games. But games for the NES, SNES, N64, PS1, XBox1 all are on my list. I don't like Nintendo's Idea of the VC games in the Shop Channel. These game are out dated and should be free. If Nintendo made the effort in spiffing up the graphics, a bit, in the VC games then I understand putting a price on that but just merging a ROM with an EMULATOR and selling it as a download...not liking it. Although Nintendo has every right to do so.

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    Kool! So has anyone tried this yet?

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