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Thread: Model LU71

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    Model LU71

    Can a Wii version 4.1 Model LU71----- be soft modded using the v3.1 to v4.1 guide? I read about issues with LU 64-65 models. Thanks

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    thats the model i have and i didnt know anything about wii's roughly 2 weeks ago and all i did was looked up how to softmod wii 4.2U and found out any tutorial for 4.2(any letter) will work and now my wii is softmodded and working flawless, no bricking or anything.

    only draw back is that it wont play burnt dvd's so i had to go out and buy a usb hard drive for it and use usb loader gx to run all of my backup's

    so in conclusion, if you plan on runing back up's then go buy a usb hard drive for the wii. and just follow any guide for the correct firmware on your wii.

    i havent run into any problems with 4.2 and thats what my system came with from nintendo


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    Yes, you will be fine. Just make sure you follow the directions exactly, dont rush too much.

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    so do i run the v3.1-v4.1 files or the v4.2 one? its not updated to 4.2.


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