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Thread: USB Loader GX Information Needed!!

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    Exclamation USB Loader GX Information Needed!!

    I have a Wii with the DVD drive that wont play burnt dvd media so i tried getting an 80gb ipod classic to work only to have it all fail on me. I took a trip to future shop and $80.00 later im sitting at home with a 500gb external drive for those who care its called "iPro Drive" so this can be added to that usb device compatibility list if anyone cares to.

    i plugged it into my dads pc because im a mac user and WBFS for MacOSX only lets you install games onto the hard drive, it wont format it(at least it wouldnt for me) so i used the tutorial here on how to backup and play games from a usb hard drive and it all worked flawless the first try.

    plugged the hard drive in
    deleted the partition using the disk manager in windows xp
    made a new unformated partition with drive letter D (not that it matters to anyone)
    started up WBFS Manager 3.0 and selected the D drive
    formated the D drive
    plugged the usb hard drive into the mac
    transfered the iso files
    installed usb loader gx onto the wii using the WAD Manager
    started up NEW Super Mario Bros. Wii and it said the disc is damaged or dirty
    put in wii sports so the wii had a disc to spin
    tried it again

    so now if anyone is having problems try following my steps cause they worked perfectly.

    NOW i have a new request, i dont use the web browser on the wii because i have a laptop right in front of me so theres no point and other then that, i have no real reason to be using the normal Wii home screen.
    how can i boot the wii directly into usb loader gx? i want to turn the wii on, and then it starts up directly into USB Loader GX.

    with usb loader gx being the topic, how do i install gui themes for it


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    If you have preloader/priiloader installed you there is an option to set it to boot to USBLoaderGX. Don't know about custom themes though.

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    ok i found out that preloader is what i needed to use, as said above.

    but for wii version 4.2 i can ONLY use preloader 0.30 which just happens to be the last release there is.

    now in the instruction on how to install preloader 0.30 it says this

    "You will need the IOS used to boot the system menu to be patched with ES_Verify. This version of the installer does NOT currently patch your IOS for you so please use DOP IOS or Free The Bug!!!"

    i am about to install DOP IOS but after i do that, how do i do the rest to get it ready to install preloader

    i know how to install DOP IOS, but once that is installed how do i use it to patch it with ES_Verify ?


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    That is old information. Preloader was abandoned and has been reassumed as Priiloader. Instructions and downloads available in the 4.2 guide (step D6 onward, ios70patched in the first pack), link below.
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    and again, thank you sir.



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