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Thread: Help With backups

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    Help With backups

    so everything works fine im using neogamma and i keep getting unable to read disc errors? and i learned from reading it cause. 1. my dvds arent good enough. or 2. i burned to fast. i can only burn at 4x so iono so i guess i will try USB loading i did this guide through and through does that mean that i can just plug in my USB drive with ISOs on it and run them? and would this stop the unable to read disc errors?

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    you have to configure the HDD and get a USB loader, read this:
    It will likely stop the disc error cuz its not even using disc lols, also 4x speed is good, i use it for my DVDs and they work fine. Make sure ur dvds are dvd-r and that ur wii does not have the new D3-2 chip(if ur wii is rly new). But if u have a USB HDD then it should not matter and should solve ur problem.


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