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    Us Write protection

    I have been moving this lock button on both my micro sd readers to try to get write protection off unsuccessfully is there another way to fix this problem?

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    I always thought the lock was on the SD card myself. Tho MicroSD I never paid mind... the reader/writer I use (a cheapie) has no such feature meaning it's write-enabled. You got my curious, gonna go look at the kids' Micro (Sandisk, of course) in their Acekards...

    Edit: the cheapie USB plugin unit has no such feature, permanently enabled. The SD to MicroSD does have this feature. Get another reader/writer...
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    I have tried it with like 3 micro adapters....

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    Find a USB one, they don't have locks (mine says ChipBank via USB when plugged in). I only use the SD to MicroSD one when I'm bedside on my laptop.


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