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Thread: Beatles: Rock Band - Can't force English

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    Beatles: Rock Band - Can't force English

    Hey, I have a Japanese Wii, and I've been trying to load The Beatles: Rock Band, but instead of English strings only the string names show.
    Same goes for other languages.
    Obviously there's no Japanese on the European Rock Band, cause then I'd be a happy camper.
    I guess I could import it from Japan, but…
    I'm booting it with IOS222-mload language set to English (I've tried German too, as I can read that as well), but nothing.
    I tried ripping the main.dol with WiiScrubber and patch it, forcing English and NTSC video, loading it as an alternative dol. (This type of patching has worked for WiiWare…)

    Anyone gotten this to work on a Japanese Wii?
    GUI strings isn't really a problem, but story strings that only have string names is ridiculous.

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    Though I have no experience with Beatles Rock Band, I have had good luck with other games on my Japanese wii, using the force English option with USB loader GX. It seems like you've tried similar options, but in case you haven't tried this one, it may work.

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