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Thread: Scarface Backup Problem

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    Scarface Backup Problem

    Looking for help playing a backup of Scarface on WII. I have soft mod running system 4.1U NTSC. I use NeoGamma to play backups. All backups play fine except for Scarface. I just get a rolling screen after loading. I downloaded ISO from web and it is supposed to be NTSC. If it were PAL would that cause vertical rolling? I set ISO to 249 and burned a Verbatim Disc. Any settings in Neogamma I should adjust ?
    Thanks for any help

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    i just got scarface and it works perfectly fine. looks like yours is a PAL. have you tried running it through wiiscrubber? it tells you if it's pal or ntsc. i have 4.2u and run it with neogamma. my only problem with scarface is the controls. tony keeps taunting - it's extremely annoying and i dont know how to fix it. if you get it working, please let me know if you have this taunting issue. i'd like to know if it's just me.


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