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Thread: band hero wont play

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    Ca band hero wont play

    Ok i want to be able to play band hero from the disk.I have the origional copy plus burnt copy but neithor will play on my softmodded wii.What do i need to get the origional or burnt copy to play.This is for my kids at there moms so usb is not an option there any help much appreciated thanks

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    got it by doing this

    Really all i had to do was load 2 .wad files and i was done, For me this was the easiest thing i have ever done on my wii.

    For most Softmodded wii's out there right now you should already have Preloader v2.9 and cioscorp 3.3 installed (like i did) then it's just a matter of installing cios rev14 and cIOS56-64-v5146-rev14(custom_cios) and done
    that easy. and the Game runs from the Wii's own Disc channel So even better

    Thanks to the person who posted this info


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