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Thread: Scarface Taunting Frustration

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    Scarface Taunting Frustration

    Anyone have the Scarface game? I have it on a DVD-R and all he wants to do is taunt. I can't even run around because Tony Montana is busy taunting and he won't stop. I haven't even pressed the A button, he just does it automatically. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a known fix?


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    Same Issue

    I actually have the game disc and I get the same problems, I also have the DVD-R and USB Loader no matter which one I run it from I get the stuck taunting. The only thing I think it might be is the ISO version we are running Im just afraid to mess with those settings b/c last time I did I really screwed some internal settings up. But like I said ISO version might be the way to go.


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