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Thread: Newbie help step x step this tread will be good for all newbies to get up an running

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    Newbie help step x step this tread will be good for all newbies to get up an running

    I just bought a wii today 7-19-08 need to know where an what chip to buy what is firmware how do we update it where do we get it what is it for how to install chip how to burn an play game which program... ppl let make this a great tread for all newbies step x step

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    first of all...there are TONS of information in the posts
    use the search!
    I already wrote a responce to a question like this one
    check it out :

    the unmoddable wii is now modable..use the D2C...u prob have this wii type
    if u've never soldered before, or don't feel confident, send it to a professinal modder check this out

    firmware is the software that is on the wii, u can check by going to the wii setings panel and looking in the right hand corner it will display something like: 3.3 U, that means u have firmware version 3.3 and your region is the US. You update the wii firmware by connecting to nintendo via internet. Go to the settings and hit update system (or something like that). There is also firmware for your chip. YOu have to burn a DVD and "flash" your firmware, which means updating your chip's firmware. This will allow the chip to run better, have more features and play more games, kind of like updating an ipod or windows.
    To install your chip, u need a solder, some flux and some wire. You need to have a triwing screwdriver too, which u can buy. Just look on google for it. YOu download games from torrents. Download bittorrent. Set up port fowarding by using this cite: - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall
    find your router on this site and follow the instructions. THis will allow you to download torrents at high speeds. Download torrents at isoHunt - the BitTorrent and P2P search engine . Just type in the game. On the right will be a column with S and L. The torrents with more S and L's are better. Make sure u read the comments, because some torrents have viruses and spyware. I killed a computer with a torrent. =S.
    After you have a torrent downloaded, you'll probally have a file ending in .iso or a list of files like .r00, .r01, .r02 etc. Download WinRar and using Winrar, look at the files. It will appear as one file. Drag that file onto your desktop and it will uncompress into an .iso file. Run the iso through wiibrick blocker. Find the download site from google. Download imgburn and burn the iso, also called an "image" onto a disk, preferably Verbatim DVD-R DL. DL stands for Dual Layer, and is needed for isos over 4.7 gb. Verbatim are high quality disks, and most people have used them with a high sucess rate. Burn at 2.4 or 3 with Imgburn. A slower rate minimizes the risk of a bad game. Games have a high failure rate so u may have to burn a game more than once. THen u have to update your chip. Find your chip updates from this thread, use the search tool. It will be another iso file. Burn that too. Stick the disk into the wii and update it. THen stick the game in. PLAY!

    OMG...that took FOREVER


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