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Thread: Wiikey2 - Removal advice

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    Wiikey2 - Removal advice

    Hi all, i am getting a wii to softmod tomorrow but the client wants his Wiikey2 removed as he believes its faulty as it won't play some backups. My question is, are all Wiikeys solderless? I guess it will be easily removed if this is the case. If not, and it is soldered - how easy is it to remove? Thanks for any help given

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    some are and some aren't. i bought a solderless wiikey2 for that reason i didn't want to chance messing it up. i kno i've seen somewhere where people remove them and it bricks there wii. personally (not an expert) if you have a dremel just grind the solder a little bit to thin it out and then heat it up with a soldering iron n lift it up a little bit so it don't restick before it cools


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