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Thread: [Help] Lag with USB Loader GX

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    [Help] Lag with USB Loader GX

    Ok, I have a micro SD (8GB) and I use it with the USB adapter to play my games with USB Loader GX, but in the Intro/CG of many games, it causes lag, sometimes big lag, and I want to know why i'm getting lag in the Intro/CG of the games.

    Pls help, the game works fine (Super Mario Galaxy NTSC) but anything that shows wonderful graphics, causes lag ;/


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    Someone help ?

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    It might just be the micro-sd to usb adapter causing the lag. I don't think too many people have experience using one of those for usb loading. If you don't get an answer that's probably the reason. Best I can suggest is try a flash stick or other usb peripheral to rule out your adapter as the source of the lag. Or try reinstalling your cIOS as they sometimes get a bad install, though it doesn't sound like a cIOS issue.
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