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Thread: New WII HardModding - Let's Do it!!

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    Lightbulb New WII HardModding - Let's Do it!!

    Okay guys, I've read every wii hacking guide here and this forum is awesome, we have a huge amount of knowledge here, and I've got an idea, I'd like to discuss it here:

    I'm a developer myself, I've been working with emulators, I'm a Beta-Tester, and I'm actually learning The C-++ language, I'm still not a pro at coding, but it's enough, and I know a bit about chip engineering and advanced electronic circuits.

    I bought a Wii this December, and it came with the lastest DVD Drive, version 4.2 and etc. I was search about the best way to Jail Break it, and I reached this wonderful site. If I got it right, it's safer and easier to do a Hardmod, and I have no warranty anyway, so I started reading the guides. if got it right, my LU64 Wii Won't read DVD Backups, only the USB Loader.

    Well my attempt is to make it read DVDs, and I think I have the need experience to do it and the needed documentation is available in the internet.

    I started thinking: How does the D3-2 drive recognize a backup? It's a COPY, right? It's physically identical. Or Nintendo could have invented some file that cannot be copied from the original DVD, which is nearly impossible, cuz such protection would make the wii unable to READ it as well uh? And it would be obvious, because a file like that would quickly escape from their claws and we would be able to download it from the net. No.
    I insist, this is not Hardware protection! It's not file recognition either. It's SOFTWARE PROTECTION. Yep. It's the only way they could do it and still I cant see how, but well, this is something!

    Now We need to know where is this protection and then we can smash it! I have one possibility:

    A DVD-Drive BIOS, what would be easly "fixed", just changing this BIOS with a modified version of it, I mean, a second Modchip just for the DVD Drive.
    I'm here asking for information, I mean, cannot develop a modchip, but if we manage to gather the info needed to do so it will be half of the work done to someone finish it! This Modchip would be a hacked version of the original DVD BIOS, all we would have to do is change it.

    Can Someone confirm the existence of a second BIOS on the WII? if so, I will research to learn what is it for.

    For Now this is the only possibility I can see, do you guys know any other way to do what this drive does? If so, please tell me! I'll need all the help I can get on this project, so let's go for it guys, so please if you manage to get any info about it tell me, they can't stop us anymore muhahahahah!!!
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    Why go to the bother? No offence usb loading is so much better.

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    Well, cuz if I understood the guides all right, the only way to run a backup with the Disk Channel is using a burned disk ans hardmod, I mean, it's simpler, much more user friendly, it's like running the original game! Now, with usb loader we need some kind of software no? I dont know exactly what, but you can't boot the games using the Wii native disk channel, wich seem to be much more simple to use and much more user friendly then DVDX and the others... I mean, it's not just me who will be using the wii here, all my family loves to play, and, well let's just say that some of them are complete noobs with this kind of thing...

    EDIT: BTW, Some people here on this forum seem to have discovered that replacing the DVD Drive Mainboard makes it to read the burned DVDs!
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    WiiMenu 4.2u
    Drive D3-2
    UsbLoaderGX rev 929c

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    hold on a second my WII is a LU66 and does not have the new d3-2 drive so i would doubt yours does run your serial number here
    Wii Drive Chip Database to see if it comes up with a d3-2 at all

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    Um. If you awnt an answer look at what miscrosoft did. Prolly same thing. You have to flash the DVD drive in 360 to play burned games.

    I think its the type of DVD. And the lens.

    Just throwing that out there.
    <--I made this long time ago.
    Dont forget to Thank to the People that have helped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mshell56118 View Post
    hold on a second my WII is a LU66 and does not have the new d3-2 drive so i would doubt yours does run your serial number here
    Wii Drive Chip Database to see if it comes up with a d3-2 at all
    Sorry man I made mistake, my Wii is LU72, Brazil, I could not find it on the chip database, mine is LU7217, but I found LU7215, and it has D3-2 Drive...

    The thing is I wanted to do no softmod man, I'd like to find a way to play burned disks so I can boot the games from the disk channel, simpler and safer..
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    usb loader is far simpler and safer and user friendly than anything else.

    You dont need discs, you see a nice screen with the covers of all the games (even my 4 year old son can boot the wii, start usb loader and choose his game).

    You can also install preloader and have the wii boot directly to the USB loader.

    If it was as simple as you seem to think it is to bypass the D3-2 chipset, then don't you think it would have been done by now?

    Buy a WODE or D2SUN if you want to hardmod a D3-2 drive.

    (an it is a hardware based check to see which type of media is inserted)

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    USB loaders are better but they only accept wii games and not gamecube. I just want to hardmod the d3-2 drive just so the drive can read dvd-r that way gamecube backups are playable.

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    Well, I dont think it's simple, never thought it, but someone has to try no? the for everything is studying the problem and getting information, I studied chip and CPU structures I could tell you how the electrons behave inside a processor, and I wnt to use my experience to help this community! The first guys who invented a modchip were humans too... You say "they would have already done it..." Who are they? they could be us!

    plus, XBOX360 user had the exactly same problem, apparently they found a way to flash the drive bios, and that's Im thinking of.

    But now I'm curious about what you said Davepm, d2Sun actually Makes a d3-2 read burned disks??
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    My Wii:
    WiiMenu 4.2u
    Drive D3-2
    UsbLoaderGX rev 929c


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