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Thread: WBFS Channel Creation

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    WBFS Channel Creation

    I've seen a few threads on channel creation but none of them seem to answer a few specific questions I have specifically dealing with WBFS 3.0

    In the options, you can enable channel creation and it asks for a base wad file, common key file and a few other options

    I've seen wad files for specific games in other threads, but what exactly is a base wad file and a common key file?
    If the base wad file is the file base for that specific game then that makes sense, but I'm still unsure where to get/what a common key file actually is. The WBFS site says you must supply your own but I haven't been able to find it

    Also, if there's anywhere to get these, could someone direct me to the location of those files? I've seen threads with wads for games but nothing that was just considered a base file

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    There's a guide on installing channels with WADder that might answer your questions on what a base.wad is specifically in the tutorials area. If you want an easier and faster time going about channel creation for specific games do a search for "Crap" or "Loadstructor".
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