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Thread: Problem with USB Loader GX

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    Problem with USB Loader GX

    I have Wiiflow installed and working on my harddrive. To see the difference I installed USB loader gx onto my hard drive as well (in the same partition). Now when I run USB Loader GX it works but crashes a lot. It wont crash as long and I move the games images around slowly. Any fast video scrolling or switching of games will cause it to crash.

    Wiiflow is still working fine. Whats wrong? Others have said they were running both from thr same drive...any Ideas? Thank you

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    Try to get rid of Wiiflow. I only have USB uploader GSX installed. I load my games through computer with WBSF Manager and everything works fine every single time. With the exception of changing "fix error 002" from off to on.


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