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Thread: Why am I doing these things in the directions

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    Why am I doing these things in the directions

    Hey everyone. I am new to the Wii scene and was able to install the bannerbomb hack v2 and get backups working off of usb key on my wii. What I would like to do is actually understand what the hell I did. I have been reading, reading and reading and I understand an IOS vs an ISO and so on. Why did I have to remove 4 different IOS? what makes 249 different than others? Why are the instructions in that certain order?

    I really would like to understand what I did so in future exploits I do not do any damage. I always try to research as much as possible before I begin. Any help would be appreciated even if it is just a link.

    Anything that can help me understand the process from beginning to end in detail.

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    ^^^^^^^^^^ - that link will explain alot also...

    the ios 249 is called a stub (fake - placed there by "n" to stop modding) ios that is removed and then replaced with the modded ones. and you removed/installed new ones because the ones that are here are modded let us play our backups and so on... IOS files are what the games use to play, that is why they release new versions of them becasue there are new games that require new files...

    hope this helps

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    Thank You

    I would like to thank everyone all of your responses were most helpful. I will be happy to share or contribute anything I can in the future.

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    Thanks for trying to learn as opposed to being a sheep.

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    Thats what its all about. Too many people doing this without doing their homework and then cry when they have a 200 paperweight

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    Quote Originally Posted by junkmailturds View Post
    Thanks for trying to learn as opposed to being a sheep.
    Ewe have had the wool removed form your eyes, and your questions answered by Ovine intervention. It is now time to ram the closed button.

    Baay for now.

    (OMG! im bored!)


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