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Thread: Why am I doing these things in the directions

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    Why am I doing these things in the directions

    Hey everyone. I am new to the Wii scene and was able to install the bannerbomb hack v2 and get backups working off of usb key on my wii. What I would like to do is actually understand what the hell I did. I have been reading, reading and reading and I understand an IOS vs an ISO and so on. Why did I have to remove 4 different IOS? what makes 249 different than others? Why are the instructions in that certain order?

    I really would like to understand what I did so in future exploits I do not do any damage. I always try to research as much as possible before I begin. Any help would be appreciated even if it is just a link.

    Anything that can help me understand the process from beginning to end in detail.

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    The files you removed were stubs placed on the console by N. This allowed you to install the cIOS files needed for homebrew/backups/etc. in the next step.
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    Look uP

    Thank You I will look up the new ones individually to see what each purpose is for each. I will also look up the four "stubs" I removed if you do not mind me asking what is a stub. I will be happy to look it up if you dont feel like it.


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