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Thread: Dragon ball z tenkaichi 3 PAL problem

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    Dragon ball z tenkaichi 3 PAL problem

    Hi, this game is not working on my wii, when i start it gives a black screen, then i try neogamma and it works only on neogamma, and if i try to force region NTSC or force wii it starts but with no color, only black white, i have a wiikey and wii 4.1u

    can someone help me play this game with color please? thanks

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    i would try forcing the video into ntsc (but theres 2 different ntsc ones to choose from just try them both)

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    Hi both gives me a green screen and then it stops there

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    i had the same thing happen with james cameron's avatar i turned all the options like patch video, vidtv patch all to yes and force ntsc
    it worked for me

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    It worked for me, thanks!

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    no problem mate


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