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Thread: Is this D2Pro9 v2 soldered properly to the wii-clip?

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    Is this D2Pro9 v2 soldered properly to the wii-clip?

    I purchased a d2pro9 v2 chip presoldered to the wii-clip from modchipcentral. The CLK jumper was already shorted, but several legs on the chip were not soldered to the corresponding legs on the wii-clip, e.g. P, N, M legs were not soldered at all (please refer to the attached photo). I would like to know if it is supposed to be like this, or shall I solder them myself.

    I could email the seller, but they do not open on weekend.

    Thanks very much for your help.

    The photo showing the chip that I ordered can also be viewed here:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    the other points dont need to be soldered if it using the current bios that supports 9 wire installs. The clip has the other points in case you use the older d2pro chips.

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    Thanks for your reply n1tro.


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