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Thread: Pal to ntsc after forced won't work

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    Pal to ntsc after forced won't work


    I have this game it's Pal I tryed frocing it to work in meo G r7 how ever i still can't get it to run,Now I have had other pal games work whats up with this one? Donkey Kong Jet racer just some reason does'nt want to work Nore does sim creator just get black and white screen or a green what ever settings I use.

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    The black screens, the green screens all of this stuff is due to missing ios files or improper setting to force regions. It has been discussed many times every day, but you may just have a bad iso file. It is a lot easier to get a game from your region to work and if you are troubleshooting an issue with your region and all the other iso files work, there either needs to be more done or the files could be bad. There are different settings and what works for you on your setup may be different for someone else.

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