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Thread: Playing international/different region games

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    Unhappy Playing international/different region games

    Because I am a goose I bought games in the USA and now cannot play them on my Australian Wii

    Is there a way I can mod the Wii to play games from different regions?

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    yes there is. :-)

    Presuming you have the homebrew channel, there's an application for such a thing,
    see here;

    Homebrew apps/Gecko Region Free - WiiBrew

    and well, if you don't have the homebrew channel, then you gotta do some other stuff first, you'll need legend of zelda twilight princess..

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    the easiest way is to buy wii free loader
    Wii Freeloader - Nintendo Wii Freeloader, Play Imported Games on any Wii! Datel, CodeJunkies
    assuming that the games u bought are genuine games


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