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Thread: D2pro Version ?? Very simple to answer

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    Does it have the SPI built in? attached via soldering? or not at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by splodgeyrog View Post
    I need urgently to know if i have a d2pro v1 or v2
    On the underneath of the chip it has 5 little metal circles if that makes a difference
    and it doesnt have a barcode on it

    d2pro9 v2 has a greenie d2c2 compliant sticker on it......

    so you would have a d2pro9 v1 or

    if u don't have a spi chip on it...then you would have a d2pro....

    hope that helps

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    In the pic above the SPI is the small chip in the top left corner. The Actel is the big chip in the center. The SPI chip may or may not be in the same location.

    The D2Pro9 v2 has a green sticker on the bottom that says v2 or v2 compliant.

    The D2Pro9 v1 has a W sticker or no sticker at all on the bottom.

    If you don't have the SPI chip then it's just a regular D2Pro.

    As for the 5 little circles, they don't mean anything as far as version goes.
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    d2pro : Home just released the alternative 2.1 firmware update today for the d2c users who are having problems with the d2pro! The wait is finally over!


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