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Thread: mario kart wii and ssbb on same hdd ?

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    Us mario kart wii and ssbb on same hdd ?

    Hi I am still very new to this whole wii mod thing but I have had my 4.2u system working very well I have been able to downgrade and re upgrade it and save nand backups and everything. I have had all my games working except mario kart until the other day and so i read a posting that said I need to intall it through usb loader gx using ios222 rev.4 instead of ios249 rev14 and so I did that and I also downgraded to 249 rev.9 and Mk worked great. today how ever I tried to play ssbb and it would black screen so I thought I will just reinstall it like Mk. big mistake ! ssbb works but Mk doesn't now. I have uninstalled ssbb and reinstalled all ios and Mk still doesn't work so I tried to extract Mk as an .iso through wbfs manager and it worked but when I try to add that .iso to the list to add it to the wbfs drive it throws a huge fatal error but all the other games extract and reinstall fine.

    I tried to use wiiscrubber and it opens the Mk .iso with a lot of errors about tmd's and what not and for the header or title of the game it says "smash brothers brawl".

    my question is, how can ssbb ruin another game image just because it is on the same drive ? or is one of my ios's screwed up ?

    Please help ! I am ok with not installing ssbb and just having Mk as this is pretty much the whole family's favorite and it saves the discs from the kids wrath but if anyone knows of something I need to repair so this doesn't happen to anyother games please by all means help me out. thanks a mil. in advance. eclipso

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    here is a screen shot of the error message I get when I try to open the mario kart iso after ssbb has been installed to my wbfs hdd. sorry it is probably a little short as I cannot copy the text or resize the error window.
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