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Thread: What to do?

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    Smile What to do?

    I have succesfully installed homebrew,neogammer and various other emulators my question is do i have to keep my sd card inserted for all of it to run or does the wii have its own hdd and can what is on the card be backed up to there? the reason i asked this is i have downloaded a load of wads but i dont think there is enough room on my card now so can i delete some things off the card. Thanks for any help in advance

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    You cant back the card up to the wii. But you dont need it for some programs. It depends, sometimes wads will install the program to the wii. Sometimes you'll get a "forwarder" wad, this will create a channel, but its only a shortcut to the program on the sd card.

    Actually, their is really no reason to keep the wads on the sd card. If you install the wad with wadmanager, its installed to the wii, so you dont need it on the card anymore. You're wii will have a folder called apps, which will have folders with boot.dol files, and other stuff. You need to keep these on your sd card for them to work.


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